Fired Before Work Book

Fired Before Work Book
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Fired Before Work is for those who have a 9-5 or have been fired from their job. In this book I will teach you how to use your job to bring elevation in your personal life and also show you how to not work for money, but allow money to work for you.

The only thing worse than working at a low-paying job where you aren’t appreciated is being fired or laid off from that job with bills to pay and no other source of income.

When you are an employee, your good performance doesn’t always increase your pay or determine whether you keep that position. When you are an employee, your mistakes may lead to harsher consequences than what other employees receive. When you are an employee, you may be replaced by a friend or relative of the boss.

After experiencing repeated job loss, Jerrica realized there had to be a better way. In Fired Before Work, She recounts the ups and downs of her path before and after realizing that working for a company that treats you badly is just as dysfunctional as staying with a partner who abuses you. She offers suggestions for others who are tired of making someone else rich while struggling to keep a roof overhead.

She doesn’t sugarcoat the risks. "The transition from worker to business owner—when she didn’t have enough income to pay her bills—was like being in a wilderness," she admits.

Jerrica refers to a JOB as Just Over Broke. She urges readers to nurture their greatest asset: themselves. If you are ready to stop working toward other people’s dreams, get inspired with Fired Before Work.